Diversity leadership


Diversity leadership can be a major managerial challenge.

ACT! educate leaders in how to include all employees and their diversity.


Diversity leadership - Innovation and new ideas

Diversity is a strength for the company and creates a dynamic organization.

ACT! works with diversity leadership in the organization through creative and participatory methods which makes employees and leaders look at their everyday work life with a different perspective.


Diversity leadership on safe ground

It is important to have a strong management in a diverse workplace.

But also that employees are involved in preparatory work:
What do we mean by workplace diversity, tolerance, adaptation, unwritten and written rules, workplace culture, etc.?


Diversity leadership on stage

ACT! has developed a forum theater process Labyrinten (The Maze) about diversity leadership, which deals with dilemmas and problems in a workplace with ethnic minorities, different generations and social cultures.


ACT! develops the process in close cooperation with you

ACT! works with diversity leadership based on Labyrinten, or we develop a new process based on your company and your specifik issues.


ACT! collaborated with the Municipality of Aarhus, Mayor's Dept. on diversity leadership. (reference in Danish)