Leadership training


Leaders and managers are in constant contact with employees and colleagues. Communication is the heart of everything the leader does.
Therefore it is important to train communication and style of leadership.

Leadership training with ACT! is done through participatory and interactive methods that puts all the leader's skills into action.


Leadership training with creative methods

ACT! uses interactive methods for leadership training. Thus, training becomes concrete, meaningful and easier to implement.
Common for all our methods is, that they involve the leader's rationality, intuition, emotions and senses.

Leadership training with ACT! involve practical training and role playing with professional corporate actors who adapt the challenges depending on the indivitual leader's needs and goals.

Leadership training with actors is based on specific leadership styles/management theories or customized in collaboration with the leaders themselves.


Leadership training with ACT! makes the leader better at:

  • creating a feeling of ownership of projects and change processes
  • improvise and adapt
  • handling pressure and prioritize
  • developing a healthy mental working environment
  • ensuring good and open communication
  • leading his/her team according to values​​, situation, etc..
  • obtaining results and effectiveness for his/her team

Interested in leadership training? Contact ACT! and hear how we can supplement your existing training program with creative leadership training.