Situational Leadership


Situational leadership is about using the appropriate leadership style with specific employees and situations.

It's just not enough to know the theory behind situational leadership.
With ACT! you can train the different styles of leadership and gain practical experience in using the theory.


Training of situational leadership

You can practice on the exactly the personality profiles you find hardest to handle.

You train with a professional corporate actor who is familiar with the theory behind situational leadership and is trained in feedback and learning theories.

The actor can increase and decrease the challenges, playing the role of an employee. The challenges is continuously adapted in interaction with you, so that you get the most out of a training session.


Cases for training of situational leadership

ACT! is writing cases in close collaboration with you as a client, or we can use pre-written situations that we have used multiple times with great success.

We also have experience with situational leadership as self-management.


Contact ACT! and let us create a customized course for training of situational leadership for you.

ACT! has trained situational leadership with leaders from Danfoss.