Presentation technique


Do you need to

  • Do powerful presentations?
  • Appear with authority on team meetings and client meetings?
  • Network regularly with different types of people?


Presentation technique - take the stage

A course in presentation technique will be carried out by ACT!'s professional corporate actors and process consultants.

We can help you strengthen your presentation skills through exercises with acting techniques that relieve anxiety and provides specific handling options.


Personal presentation skills

ACT! teaches presentation skills based on individual strengths.
We can work with:

  • Body language
  • Appearance
  • Language and accentuations

Training presentation techniques with ACT! means that we work specifically with your message and strengthens your own means of communication along with  your professional apperance.

You obtain a specific toolkit to appear with greater power, strength and charisma.


Presentation skills for individuals or groups

ACT! provide personal 1:1 training and feedback on presentations or presentations.
Courses or workshops in personal presentation techniques can also be arranged in groups.


Contact ACT! to learn more about your opportunities to use actors in the process of developing your presentation techniques.