Sales Training


Sales training with ACT! teaches salespeople to take the stage and improvise in the meeting with the client.

Salespeople can train sales theory in practice facing corporate actors who can adjust challenges according to individual needs.
And ACT! incorporates the relevant sales theory and customer profiles in the sales training.


Sales training with professional actors

Sales training with ACT! can take place as a 1:1 sales training session or as workshops for groups of sellers.
Both cases will involve professional corporate actors as fictitious but realistic 'leads'.


Sales training with ACT! focuses on

  • Body language
  • Appearance
  • Language and accentuations
  • Shift in perspective
  • Improvisation
  • Sales theory


Personalised sales

Sales training with ACT! is based on the seller's own challenges.
We will be working to highlight the sellers individual means of communication. 

Sales training with ACT! provide a specific toolkit to appear with greater power, strength and charisma.


Sales training with improvisation and perspective

Corporate actors challenge sellers to act here and now in the sales training.
In sales training with ACT! you will be challenged to change the point of view so you see things from the customer's perspective.

Thus, the participants experience new facets of themselves and the sales situation.


Sales training with relevant sales theory

ACT! is writing case studies in close collaboration with the customer in relation to the specific sales theory of your choice.

We train customer meetings, advisor conversations, the elevator speech, telephone conversation, B2B/B2C, negotiation etc..


Contact ACT! and learn more about how sales training with actors can strengthen your sales performance.